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How can I help prospective customers associate my company with the products and information they value?

Install a "Signature" in your e-mail program.

Most e-mail programs allow you to create a "signature" that automatically appears at the end of each message you send. Use this signature to reinforce your “elevator pitch” – provide your company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail address, and a concise description of your business offering. This will be a great summary of your value proposition for people to whom you send direct marketing e-mails, it will reinforce your value for visitors who have opted to receive e-mails from you, and it can support viral marketing efforts – providing your information to third parties to whom your target audience might forward the e-mails. Using tracking and web metrics tools throughout this process is incredibly important. All too often a new website will try a myriad of techniques to increase traffic without the web metrics analysis to truly gauge which campaigns are successful.

How can I promote my web site while keeping in touch with existing customers?

Publish an Online Newsletter or E-Zine.

Almost no other online marketing tool provides as much ongoing value at such a low cost as do online e-mail newsletters and e-zines. In 2004, Fortune 500 companies spent almost $1 billion dollars on "Opt-in" or "Permission e-mail" marketing. An e-mail newsletter can be an essential marketing tool, enabling you to offer content to customers, potential buyers and other visitors to your web site. You can track the visitors these campaigns bring in with many web metrics tools. An electronic magazine, or “e-zine,” will help you stay in contact with these folks, building their trust and keeping your Internet Business on their radar screens even when they have not been to your web site in a while. E-mailed newsletters may remind them about your products and services, and keeping an archive of your e-zines on your web site will encourage the people who receive your e-mails to visit your site for reference, building your site and business as a trusted source in their minds.

What is a good way to acquire a lot of vetted prospects for direct marketing?

Rent targeted e-mail lists.

Direct marketing professionals have developed targeted e-mail lists that consist of people who have agreed to receive commercial e-mail messages specific to particular industries. You can rent lists specific to your industry to create a foundation or augment your existing prospect list. You may want to rent a small list at first and use that as a test to determine the quality of the prospects. Also, remember that this is a form of direct marketing, and you cannot necessarily expect the same kind of response that you might from your own, vetted, self-enrolled customer and prospect base. Still, if you track web traffic statistics from these campaigns you may find a new untapped market. Using your log files and web traffic wisely can save you time and money!

How can I make my e-mails stand out from the junk?

Write powerful headlines for your e-mails.

The prevalence of junk e-mail has made e-mail marketing a more difficult endeavor in recent years. To avoid having the message ignored or deleted, you must use your headline to make in impact on the recipient. Leverage some of the skills you have acquired when writing your Pay Per Click ads to craft titles that contain rich keywords and maximize the value of limited space. Use catchphrases and keywords, and tell the reader what he or she can expect to get out of reading the e-mail. Avoid gimmicks, such as the overuse of capitals and exclamation points, and prioritize professionalism over sensationalism. Track the effectiveness of these campaigns with web metrics tools to ensure that you are getting qualified visitors who convert into paying customers!

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