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Do I need to link my ad to a URL, or can I direct users to an e-mail address or file?

Make sure your URL is accurate and works.

It might seem obvious, but the URL you display in an ad must accurately reflect your web site's URL. If the actual destination link is too long for your ad, use a shorter link – such as your home page - that does fit within the URL character limit. In addition to being accurate, your URL must include the domain extension, and it must be in proper working order – double check for misspellings and other typos to ensure the link works! Also, you cannot link to an e-mail address or a file – it has to be a working web site. And don't forget to use tracking URLs in your campaigns. You need to track the success of your internet marketing campaigns or you may end up throwing good money after bad.

Should I place ads if my site is under construction?

Do not create or place ads if your site is under construction.

Google AdWords, one of the largest PPC engines, will eliminate your ad if your landing page is under construction. It will check that your landing page contains content relevant to your ad, so the landing page for your ad must be complete. If your site is under construction or down for maintenance, you can “pause” your campaign. Bringing web traffic to your site before its complete is not a good plan anyway. Who wants to buy from a company that looks sloppy and unprofessional? Take the time to plan out your design and your campaigns so you use your online advertising budget as effectively as possible!

Does GoogleAds allow me to direct users to a page with pop-up windows?

Do not direct users to a page with pop-up windows.

Google AdWords does not allow links to landing pages that generate pop-up windows when users enter or leave that landing page. Pop-ups include any window that opens in addition to the original window – regardless of content. While this will meet the standards of GoogleAds, it will also enhance your chances of generating organic web traffic, since search engine spiders will downgrade dynamic pages like pop-ups. Bottom line: keep it simple!

Am I required to let users go back to the GoogleAds results page?

Make sure your site has a working Back button.

Google AdWords requires that your web site allows users to return to the Google search results page or ad network with a single click of the browser's Back button. Double-check that this function is operational across browsers. Make sure you are using site analysis tools to track this kind of activity. If your user clicks back to Google, it means they didn't find what they needed or they didn't like your site. This information is very valuable in developing your web site strategy.

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