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Should my link include keywords?

Make sure referring links hyper-link your targeted keyword - and something generic, such as "click here."

Highlighting a generic call to action such as "click here" or "link here" does nothing to differentiate your web site from others'. Also, highlighting such terms misses a key opportunity to highlight a keyword that is meaningful to your company and, more importantly, to your audience. Therefore, if you are chiropractor placing a link on a health web site's back pain page, do not craft a link that says "Click here if you have back pain" (with "click here" hyperlinked); instead, try a unique call to action that emphasizes the keyword, such as "Get relief for your back pain now." (with "back pain" hyperlinked). Leverage your web metrics and keyword tracking tools to identify which keywords are most likely to generate qualified traffic a partner site to your site.

What are good forums in which to promote my site?

Promote your site in news groups and mailing lists.

Thousands of e-mail-based discussion lists and Usenet news groups populate the Internet. Such communities are extremely targeted and are comprised of people with very specialized interests, and they can be excellent forums in which to market your products and/or services. Simply posting your expertise for others to read, sharing your knowledge, and even posting a question will open lines of communication with potential customers and others in your industry. Adding a signature with your company's name and URL, at least, will do the marketing for you. Though participating in a range of forums may be time-consuming, the benefits include that people will get to know and trust you, visit your site, and eventually do business with you. You can also take content from sites like these to create an interesting FAQ - a sure hit with search engines to drive organic traffic. You can also designate specific landing pages for newsgroup visitors. Track web site visitors throughout your site and see what they buy!

How can I leverage my customers' experience to enhance my credibility?

Feature testimonials from satisfied customers.

To increase web traffic to your site is just the first challenge: once you have a visitor, you turn him or her into a customer. Visitors will want not only to get a product description and price, they will also be interested in knowing others' opinions on the product. Featuring testimonials – or even reviews – on your site will provide visitors with even more relevant information, and can help build your credibility with potential customers. Use your web logs to track users and their path throughout your site. All of this web metric data may seem overwhelming but when you watch someone travel through your testimonial pages and go on to buy, you can develop a more effective ongoing strategy.

How can I make my web site searchable by search engines while also collecting users' personal information responsibly?

Use a secure server for collecting personal information from users.

Using a secure server (https://) when collecting personal information from users is good practice for their safety and yours. Google AdWords requires that you use a secure server on the parts of your site where you collect personal information from users that found you through Google. This requires some strategic design, however, as the use of secure server sites can make search engines ignore you and stem the growth of your organic traffic. Consider linking from your ad directly to a secure page that is NOT your home page to make sure that you are pursuing a design that supports both your Pay-Per-Click campaign goals and your search engine ranking goals.

How do I avoid online marketing scams?

Apply due diligence when choosing marketing tools and partners.

The online marketing landscape is saturated with companies that make big promises about how much web traffic they can generate for you. To make the most of your online marketing efforts, it is important that you identify which partners can both deliver on their promises and help you meet your specific goals. Before you sign up with an e-mail service, do some research on what kind of audience they target. If you target young adults who like gaming, it won't really help you to have your e-mails distributed to a middle-aged audience looking for luxury goods, and vice versa. If you find a Pay Per Click engine that you've not heard about before, ask them for testimonials before signing up with them. Finally, beware of deals that sound too good to be true – they usually are.

How do I increase my chances of maximizing my marketing ROI?

Take a multi-pronged approach to marketing your web site.

Diversifying your marketing efforts will broaden the audience you reach and spread out your resources, help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget and, ideally, set you up as a trusted partner in your field. Optimizing your site so that it receives high rankings in search engines is an iterative process that will drive organic traffic in the long run. Running Pay Per Click campaigns based on keywords, products and services is an effective way to test new sites and products, and drive targeted traffic in the short term. Creating a network of reciprocal links with legitimate complementary sites is an inexpensive way to get your name out to audiences that are tangential to your target audience, and recommendations that you receive through affiliate programs can increase your credibility. A focused e-mail marketing campaign that offers valuable information to customers will help set you up as a trusted source for your audience, as will your participation in topical newsgroups and publication of articles and newsletters in your industry. Using a combination of these tactics will let you spread out your capital while you build a reputation. Ensure your success by monitoring your multi-pronged online marketing campaign with web metrics analysis tools.

What is a good way to build a targeted contact list for direct marketing?

Make sure your site has an e-mail capture form.

Having an e-mail capture form on your web site gives visitors the opportunity to stay informed about your products and/or services through email alerts or newsletters. When visitors enroll in these programs, your e-mails are solicited responses to visitors' requests for information – not spam! To make the e-mails you sent as targeted and personal and possible, capture visitors' first and last names in separate fields. Because visitors are skeptical about spam and are concerned for their privacy, make your privacy policy very clear, and consider offering an incentive, such as a discount on their first purchase, for their providing their e-mail addresses. Finally, be sure the e-mails you send them offer relevant, valuable content and offers to keep these enrollees interested. Use web metrics programs to assess whether your call to action is effective. Conduct site analysis to see how many visitors subscribe and from where they are coming. All of this data is integral in spending your marketing dollars wisely!

What insight can I get into customers' needs?

Leverage your customer relations to evolve your site and offers.

Your existing customer base can be a goldmine. Not only are your customers more likely to purchase from you in the future, but they are a virtually captive audience whose opinions you can solicit when you want improve your site and sales. Do not be afraid to ask your customers what they like and dislike about your business, in general and relative to competitors. Ask them what they would like to see, and what products they are looking for. Understand the challenges they face and how they respond to those challenges. This information will give you special insight to you target audience and can help you focus and personalize your products, web site, and marketing campaigns to respond to your customers' needs and desires. As you use this information to redesign or start new marketing campaigns, use your site tracking analysis tools to understand what kind of activity these campaigns generate.

I need info on getting my page listed higher in search results.

How to Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Quality content and incoming links from related websites are the most important factors the search engines use to determine relevance. Page content should include your targeted keywords in H1-H3, ALT, TITLE and META Tags, as well as in paragraphs and links, with zero keywords repeated twice in a row. Incoming links should contain the keywords in the link text. You may also research the value of xml sitemaps and the Robots.txt file for other optimization opportunities.

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