Write powerful headlines for your e-mails.

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How can I make my e-mails stand out from the junk?

Write powerful headlines for your e-mails.

The prevalence of junk e-mail has made e-mail marketing a more difficult endeavor in recent years. To avoid having the message ignored or deleted, you must use your headline to make in impact on the recipient. Leverage some of the skills you have acquired when writing your Pay Per Click ads to craft titles that contain rich keywords and maximize the value of limited space. Use catchphrases and keywords, and tell the reader what he or she can expect to get out of reading the e-mail. Avoid gimmicks, such as the overuse of capitals and exclamation points, and prioritize professionalism over sensationalism. Track the effectiveness of these campaigns with web metrics tools to ensure that you are getting qualified visitors who convert into paying customers!



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