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What should I do if I do not have the in-house resources to optimize my site?

Leverage others' expertise to optimize your site.

Search engine optimization can be time-consuming, and because it works best when iterated, maintaining it can be frustrating. If you do not have in-house expertise, do not hesitate to talk with a specialist company. Search Engine Optimization companies understand the techniques required and stay abreast of the evolving requirements of the top search tools on the web. These companies will work with you to develop goals, create an effective search engine strategy, and generate long-term and targeted traffic to your web site.

Are PPC and SEO complementary?

Pursue both search engine optimization and Pay Per Click strategies to increase traffic.

Most web sites will benefit from having a high natural listing and Pay Per Click advertising. Both strategies have their costs, but you can balance the strategies to yield more unique visitors. If your site is optimized and generates a lot of organic traffic because of its high rank in natural search results, then you should create a Pay Per Click ad that will appear lower on a results page. Or, if you have a web site that ranks at the bottom of the first results page, you would want to craft a PPC campaign that puts your ads at the top of a results page. This way, your site will have visibility to visitors at both the top and the bottom of the page, exposing you to more of them without being redundant. Moreover, diversifying your traffic sources in this way will help safeguard your efforts against changes in a search engine's ranking algorithms, to which optimized sites can be vulnerable. Leverage your web site tracking tools and search engine position analysis to see where your site and ads fall, and consider adjusting your strategies to cover more ground with the same amount of - or even less - money.

How do I keep my web site optimized?

Iterate, iterate, iterate: constantly update and maintain your search engine optimization.

Like PPC campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) is not something you do only once. Not only will content get stale, to some extent, but search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms for web site ranking. You should use your web tracking and keyword tracking tools regularly to understand what kinds of visitors are coming to your site, what users are looking for, and even what is changing in your industry. You should check in with your SEO professionals to keep up to date with what different search engines are prioritizing or ignoring, and deploy resources to keep your web site optimized to these changing circumstances.

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