Publish an Online Newsletter or E-Zine.

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How can I promote my web site while keeping in touch with existing customers?

Publish an Online Newsletter or E-Zine.

Almost no other online marketing tool provides as much ongoing value at such a low cost as do online e-mail newsletters and e-zines. In 2004, Fortune 500 companies spent almost $1 billion dollars on "Opt-in" or "Permission e-mail" marketing. An e-mail newsletter can be an essential marketing tool, enabling you to offer content to customers, potential buyers and other visitors to your web site. You can track the visitors these campaigns bring in with many web metrics tools. An electronic magazine, or “e-zine,” will help you stay in contact with these folks, building their trust and keeping your Internet Business on their radar screens even when they have not been to your web site in a while. E-mailed newsletters may remind them about your products and services, and keeping an archive of your e-zines on your web site will encourage the people who receive your e-mails to visit your site for reference, building your site and business as a trusted source in their minds.



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