Submit your URL regularly and judiciously.

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How often should I submit my web site to search engines for indexing?

Submit your URL regularly and judiciously.

Once you have developed your content and coded your title, meta, and meta description tags, submit your pages to search engines. Pace your submissions – more than five pages per day per site will exceed most engines' maximum, and limit submissions to only a few times each week. Note that search engines regularly discard submissions without processing them. As you re-submit pages, you increase the probability that your submissions will be processed. Also, some search engines give preference to newer submissions, so you should update your site regularly. Use these regular updates to leverage the information gathered through your web site analysis, improving content, keywords and design to keep the site as fresh and relevant to your customers' needs as possible.



6/20/2006 11:23:56 PM
Suzanne James said:

Excellent Tip. I find a big difference in my submission success when I update my website more often.

4/16/2007 9:33:45 AM
jusncmf kuhgjf said:

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