Have easy-to-load pages that are search engine-friendly.

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How can I design a web site that meets my customers' needs and that is identifiable by search engines?

Have easy-to-load pages that are search engine-friendly.

Evidence shows that one-third of visitors will opt out if a page does not load within 10 seconds. A splash screen or Flash page may look great, but gone are the days that people browse the web to see leading–edge design, and a snazzy look-and-feel does not sell products and services. Visitors, on the whole, are looking for products, services and – most importantly – content that is relevant to them. Also, make sure that your site is compatible with different browsers – including increasingly popular ones, such as Mozilla's FireFox, or new versions of the most popular browsers. Look to your web traffic tracking results for unusual activity by visitors using certain browsers as an indicator of potential problems you might not have caught.



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