Use proper grammar, straightforward language, and proofread!

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How can my company put its best foot forward?

Use proper grammar, straightforward language, and proofread!

How you deliver your message can be as important as the message itself. The way your text looks and how it reads will impact the reader's impression of the message and of your company. A sloppy site with small text, typos, and misspellings will make you seem unprofessional; clear and concise writing with proper grammar and spelling, and language that is appropriate to the subject, will deliver your message more effectively and inspire confidence in your audience. Re-read your web content, e-mails, ads and press releases for clarity and consistency, and check for misspellings, typos and misused words. If you are not an expert at this – or if you just need a fresh eye to notice things you may have missed – ask for help. If you fail to put your best foot forward, much of your web site analysis and internet marketing campaign expenditures can be for naught.



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