Take a multi-pronged approach to marketing your web site.

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How do I increase my chances of maximizing my marketing ROI?

Take a multi-pronged approach to marketing your web site.

Diversifying your marketing efforts will broaden the audience you reach and spread out your resources, help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget and, ideally, set you up as a trusted partner in your field. Optimizing your site so that it receives high rankings in search engines is an iterative process that will drive organic traffic in the long run. Running Pay Per Click campaigns based on keywords, products and services is an effective way to test new sites and products, and drive targeted traffic in the short term. Creating a network of reciprocal links with legitimate complementary sites is an inexpensive way to get your name out to audiences that are tangential to your target audience, and recommendations that you receive through affiliate programs can increase your credibility. A focused e-mail marketing campaign that offers valuable information to customers will help set you up as a trusted source for your audience, as will your participation in topical newsgroups and publication of articles and newsletters in your industry. Using a combination of these tactics will let you spread out your capital while you build a reputation. Ensure your success by monitoring your multi-pronged online marketing campaign with web metrics analysis tools.



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