Make sure your site has an e-mail capture form.

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What is a good way to build a targeted contact list for direct marketing?

Make sure your site has an e-mail capture form.

Having an e-mail capture form on your web site gives visitors the opportunity to stay informed about your products and/or services through email alerts or newsletters. When visitors enroll in these programs, your e-mails are solicited responses to visitors' requests for information – not spam! To make the e-mails you sent as targeted and personal and possible, capture visitors' first and last names in separate fields. Because visitors are skeptical about spam and are concerned for their privacy, make your privacy policy very clear, and consider offering an incentive, such as a discount on their first purchase, for their providing their e-mail addresses. Finally, be sure the e-mails you send them offer relevant, valuable content and offers to keep these enrollees interested. Use web metrics programs to assess whether your call to action is effective. Conduct site analysis to see how many visitors subscribe and from where they are coming. All of this data is integral in spending your marketing dollars wisely!



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