Use area-based keywords in your Title tag and meta tags.

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How can I help target my site and ads to users in a specific location?

Use area-based keywords in your Title tag and meta tags.

Search engines use keywords in the title tag and meta tags as part of their algorithms that calculate a web site ranking. If you are a carpenter in the Boston area, using your name or even just your profession is less effective than using a more targeted keyword phrase. If you are Bob Jones, a carpenter in Boston, you should think carefully about how you create your Title and meta tags to help people find you easily. Unless “Bob Jones Carpentry” is a household name, using that as a keyword in your tags will limit the number of people looking for carpenter who can find you. Using the keyword “carpenter” is too general to be highly ranked by most search engines. However, using the keyword phrase, "carpenter in Boston" will introduce you (through your site) to those people in the Boston area who are looking for carpentry services. Web tracking tools will help you identify the best keywords for your situation.



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