Create several ads for each keyword group depending on its scope.

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How should I design my GoogleAds based on the quality of my keywords?

Create several ads for each keyword group depending on its scope.

Google AdWords allows you to create multiple ads for each keyword group, and you should use this functionality to try different ads. Google suggests that the number of ads you create per keyword be based on the scope of the keyword – more for “broad” keywords, fewer for “niche” keywords. For broad keywords, starting about a half dozen different ads, and consider trying about three different landing pages. This will help you to see how your web site converts visitors based on landing pages. For direct keywords – or keywords that relate directly to a product - try between 4 and 6 ads per keyword group, and at least two landing pages. For direct keywords, these are usually the actual product page or a FAQ page about the product. For niche keywords, Google suggests 2-3 ads, and 1-2 landing pages. Because very focused keywords take longer than broad and direct keywords to amass a statistically significant number of impressions, too many ads and landing pages may slow the data collection and undermine your ability to understand the click through and conversion rates for these ads. Of course, you must perform thorough ppc campaign tracking for each of these so that you can compare their results.



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