Avoid link farms.

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Are link farms a smart way to build lots of links?

Avoid link farms.

While linking services, or link farms, might appeal because they broadly distribute your links and purport to save you the time and effort it takes to find link partners, they have several potential and important drawbacks. First, the breadth of their distribution often comes at the cost of relevance of the links to your business. Your links will be posted on sites that could have nothing to do with your content, product, and service. Not only is that a wasted post, but it may degrade the relevancy of your links, and some search engines now consider link relevancy in addition to link popularity when they rank web sites. Also, link farms have a reputation for flooding your inbox - creating as much or more sorting and sifting work as you may have done to simply identify a smaller number of more relevant links. Instead of paying good money for low-value service, use web metrics to identify qualified link partners and invest your time in building relationships with those sites.



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