Promote your site in news groups and mailing lists.

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What are good forums in which to promote my site?

Promote your site in news groups and mailing lists.

Thousands of e-mail-based discussion lists and Usenet news groups populate the Internet. Such communities are extremely targeted and are comprised of people with very specialized interests, and they can be excellent forums in which to market your products and/or services. Simply posting your expertise for others to read, sharing your knowledge, and even posting a question will open lines of communication with potential customers and others in your industry. Adding a signature with your company's name and URL, at least, will do the marketing for you. Though participating in a range of forums may be time-consuming, the benefits include that people will get to know and trust you, visit your site, and eventually do business with you. You can also take content from sites like these to create an interesting FAQ - a sure hit with search engines to drive organic traffic. You can also designate specific landing pages for newsgroup visitors. Track web site visitors throughout your site and see what they buy!



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