Consider swapping ad space with other online publishers.

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How can I collaborate with other online businesses to support my viral marketing efforts?

Consider swapping ad space with other online publishers.

If you do have an online newsletter, consider trading ad space with other online publishers that target a similar audience. Keep swap terms uncomplicated – a rule of thumb is 1-to-1, so a newsletter with 5,000 subscribers would give one ad spot to a newsletter that has 10,000 subscribers, who would, in turn, provide the smaller operation with two ad spots. This is an efficient way to build your subscription base. It's also an effective way to barter with other online e-commerce sites. If you use your web metrics software to analyze both the traffic you are getting from your ad on their site, and you measure the traffic you are giving back, you may be able to leverage more out of your partnership and you can dissolve the relationships that are not yielding traffic and sales.



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